Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kids are Amazing

Children never cease to amaze me - and none more so than mine (who I guess I see more often)! On Friday we went along to a Good Friday Children's Hospital Appeal fun day. It was lots of fun with kids and adults everywhere. My 5 year old, Brooke, did the normal stuff like face painting and seeing the Dora the Explorer show. Then she shocked me.

"I want to go on that" she said, pointing to the 10m high rock climbing wall. "Sure" I said, not sure that she'd actually go through with it once she realised what it was about. Oh me of little faith. She was itching to get on it and was clearly younger than the other kids having a go. But, strapped in, off she went. Up and up and up ...

Brooke on the rock climbing wall
It took her a while, as you'd expect, as she tried to work out the best way to scale the heights. She was quite happy looking down and talking to us and showed no fear (unlike her mum who think a step ladder is too high to climb from terra firma). The guy running the thing said "gee, she's determined" which is only the half of it!

In the end she got almost to the top before fatigue set in and she had to return to earth - a little sad not to have made the top but very happy with what she'd done. Amazing stuff!


  1. Kids are amazing. Yours is fearless! AWESOME!

  2. That's odd. I get "this is a private video"! Anyway, I'll use my imagination ;) Wish we had that sort of "playground equipment" when I was a lad.

  3. Sorry Ewen, my mistake, now set to public viewing :-)


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