Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week 7 Redux (23-29 Mar)

This was by far the hardest week yet. Not so much the Tuesday run which was pretty gentle, but the Friday and Sunday runs (on the new program) were pretty tough.

That said, the program says they will be pretty tough so I am not sure that I should be surprised!

Week 7 total: 3 runs for 32.32 km in 2:43.51 hrs.
March total: 15 runs for 127.27 km in 11:05:32 hrs.
Campaign total: 21 runs for 170.02 km in 14:43.29 hrs.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Crikey, that was a hard run today! I knew this program wouldn't be easy, but I didn't realise I'd find it so hard from the start.

Somewhere along the course today I realised that this program says Run #3 each week is a long run. It does not say it is an EASY long run. I suppose starting the program at week eight doesn't help either.

In any case today was a 13km run at HMP (Half Marathon Pace) +12 sec/km. The course I did is mostly downhill for the first half and, consequently, the second half is gradually uphill ... just when you don't need it!

But, managed to run 63.54min against a target of 63.42min so essentially right there. But it was no gentle Sunday morning stroll.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Run Less Run Faster

Had a major epiphany through this week. Bought a book called "Run Less Run Faster" which accompanies the Furman FIRST style of training. Basically this involves 3 Key Runs per week plus 2 cross-training sessions. Their web site is at

Anyway, this appeals to me and is in line with my own experience as a runner which says there is no way I am likely to keep up a program where I run 5 or 6 days per week with mega-miles. I need to have three highly targeted sessions with some cycling thrown in on off-days to keep me going.

So I have decided to follow this program which is for 16-weeks. So for Melbourne Marathon on 11-October that equates to starting on Monday 22-June. I have a Half-Marathon (Sri Chinmoy at Williamstown) on 31-May which I will use as my race by which to set my training paces and will try to complete the last 10-weeks of the half marathon program to take me to that race.


So today was my first "Furman" session which I have based on my 10km time from a couple of weeks ago (44.58min).

This is hard!!! I had to complete 2x 1.5km easy (5.28min/km) and 3.5km tempo (4.38min/km) with a cool-down so a total session of 11km. I found pacing pretty hard to set and ended up running a little faster on the easy bits (7.47 and 7.56) and a little slower on the tempo sets (16.21 and 16.48). The second tempo set was surprising as I thought I had run faster than the first one.

Anyway, a great session. Calves held out well though legs a little sore now that I sit down for an hour or two.

Let's see how I cope with the long run on Sunday!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Easy run tonight. An 8.3km loop near home at an easy pace (5.24 min/km). Felt good. But what do you do if your training guide says easy pace should be around 5.32 min/km??? Get a new training guide? Hard to see how I could run any slower.

Still having some niggles with my calves. The right one especially gives a twinge every now and then, even when I am just walking around.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Don't Quit

046 - Feb 15 - Don't Quit, originally uploaded by ladybugrock.

Pretty much essential advice for the would-be marathon runner.

Week 6 Redux (16-22 Mar)

Six weeks already!

The runs this week were all easy, though Thursday was meant to be a tempo run but I read the program wrong! My calves have continued to be really sore since the races last week, only coming good on Saturday.

They are a little sore again after the long run today. Must do some more stretching.

My motivation remains high and if I can manage the soreness a little better then I'll be able to ramp up the distance over the next month.

Runs this week were the North Road loop of 6.3km twice, on Tuesday in 35.00 mins and Thursday in 34.03 mins. Both of these were run easy. Today was the long run.

Week 6 total: 2 runs for 24.14 km in 2:14.55 hrs.
March total: 12 runs for 94.95 km in 8:21.41 hrs.
Campaign total: 18 runs for 137.70 km in 11:59.38 hrs.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Easy run this morning around the Tan Track with Kim. Did three laps.

It was warm at 9am when we started (about 25 deg's) and we got slower each lap when previously we have got faster. Wore HR monitor for the first time during these runs, wanted to make sure it was around 145-150 bpm average.

Laps were 20.58 (HRAv 143) then 21.35 (148) and 23.19 (144) for a total of 11.54km in 1:05.52hrs (HRAv 145).

I rode to and from the Tan (in a slight headwind both ways); so a good training morning. Calves a little sore again.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week 5 Redux (9-15 Mar)

Another three runs this week. Took it easy with no run on Monday or Tuesday as I had a race on Wednesday night and my legs were a little sore from the running in week 4.

Arrived home on Wednesday afternoon then rode into town for the Super Sunset Series finale at the Tan Track. This race was two laps with an extra hike around near the music bowl to bring it to around 4km per lap.

There was a brief thunderstorm just after the start so conditions were a little humid. I covered the 8.14km in 39.30mins with laps in 18.14mins and 21.16mins (the second lap incl. a 2.20min toilet stop!) Even so, I had went out too hard again so did not run as fast as I could have.

My calves were really sore after this race and so my Friday run of 6km to home from the New Balance shop in Highett was at an easy pace.

The third run for the week was another race, this one the Sri Chinmoy event at the Yarra Boulevard. This is a flat, fast course with laps of 5km. I did the 10km event and was determined to run a conservative first half and bring it home strong. I wore the HR monitor to try to help with this.

My target time was under 45mins so I was thrilled with a 44.58min. My laps were in 22.49mins (run steadily at HRAv 156) and a strong second lap in 22.09mins (HRAv 166) including a 4.10min last km. This is my fastest 10km time for many years!

Week 5 total: 3 runs for 24.14 km in 1:55.10 hrs.
March total: 9 runs for 70.81 km in 6:06.46 hrs.
Campaign total: 15 runs for 113.56 km in 9:44.43 hrs.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Week 4 Redux (2-8 Mar)

Spent this week in Queensland so running was my only exercise and escape! But gosh it was warm and humid. Found the humidity hardest to deal with.

Did five runs for the week so that was fantastic. Have not run that often in a week for very long time if ever. Only short runs, but runs nonetheless.

The route I did most often was on the paths around the place where we were staying at Ashmore Palms. This loop, 5.63km in length, was basically a big square, with almost nothing flat! It was mostly up and down and was not easy.

Ashmore Palms Loop map

I ran this first up on Tuesday in 29.30min but had to walk a little due to the humidity and hills which just wore me down. Felt pretty hard that run.

Ran it on Friday and Saturday in 28.37mins and 27.56mins respectively. Much better those times as I got used to the course and conditions.

My long run on Sunday was this same course but with two laps of the block, totalling 10.02km in 55.53mins. I ran this with the HR monitor on and ran very steadily at a HRAv of 145.

On Wednesday I ran along the shore from Main Beach where Fiona and the kids were playing at a park down through to the end of Surfers Paradise. This was 8.22km which I covered in 44.10mins (20.21/23.49). The return leg was very hard and I had to walk often.

Had a laugh though when I bumped into my "mates" Mark 'Jacko' Jackson and his would-be political sidekick Warrick Capper and they said g'day!

Beach Run map

Week 4 total: 5 runs for 35.13 km in 3:06.06 hrs.
March total: 6 runs for 46.67 km in 4:11.36 hrs.
Campaign total: 12 runs for 89.42 km in 7:49.33 hrs.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Week 3 Redux (23 Feb-1 Mar)

Three runs this week so increasing the frequency for the first time.

The first of these was the Super Sunset Series at Princes Park on Wednesday night. Had to buy some new shorts as I forgot mine at home. Ran the 8.14km in 37.00mins so a good overall time but paced the race all wrong. Tried to run steady for the first lap but got carried away and went too hard. Was struggling by 3km and just had to make do from there to the end. Did the laps in 18.16 and 18.44.

Course Map

The second run was an easy 5km on the loop near home in 25.47min on Friday night.

Finished off the week with another three laps of the Tan Track on Sunday with Kim. We covered the 11.54km in 1:05.30hrs with laps in 22.20/21.53/21.17. Felt good!

Week 3 total: 3 runs for 24.68 km in 2:08.17 hrs.
February total: 6 runs for 42.75 km in 3:37.57 hrs.
March total: 1 run for 11.54 km in 1:05.30 hrs.
Campaign total: 7 runs for 54.29 km in 4:43.27 hrs.

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