Sunday, February 22, 2009

Starting Out, originally uploaded by garytrounson.

This is what it is all about ... being a part of this great Melbourne event.

Week 2 Redux (16-22 Feb)

Week 2 of the campaign and still taking it steady with just two runs.

The first was an easy 5km loop around home in 24.42 min on Wednesday and the second on Sunday around the Tan Track with Kim. There we did 3 laps, all at an easy pace (22.52/22.23/22.14) for a total of 11.54km in 1:07.29 hrs.

Week 2 total: 2 runs for 16.54 km in 1:32.11 hrs.
February total: 4 runs for 29.61 km in 2:35.10 hrs.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Week 1 Redux (9-15 Feb)

Week 1 and what began with a facebook request has kick started a marathon campaign.

Just two runs this week, both in races.The first one was an 8km at the Melbourne Zoo as part of the Super Sunset Series on Wednesday night. I took this very easy and had plenty left in the tank.

The second run was on Sunday at the Gatorade Triathlon at Elwood. This one was a 5km which I ran hard in 23.29min. My right calf was a little sore after this one.

But a good week to kick things off.

Week 1 total: 2 runs for 13.07 km in 1:02.59 hrs.

Monday, February 9, 2009

How it started

Received this note on facebook today from a running colleague Kim:

Want to run the marathon in Sept/Oct and I need someone to coach me! Are you up for a run & a catch up in the next couple of weeks...i could meet you at the tan for old times sake! K

Decided the best thing to do was to sign up for the marathon myself too. After all, been looking for an excuse to run more for a year or two now.

What have I done?

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