Sunday, June 28, 2009

Run Melbourne Half Marathon

Today was the first long run of the campaign and after a mixed week I was looking forward to just getting out and going for a good hit out. The target pace was 4.57min/km so I was not expecting that to be particularly problematic, being some 10 minutes slower than my race a month ago.

Conditions today were very cold (5 deg.C), certainly more than I would have liked, especially as I rode for 40 odd minutes to get to the start.

I took the pace very sedately and just tried to enjoy the atmosphere of an event that takes in two laps around some of Melbourne's major landmarks: Federation Square, Botanic Gardens/Shrine, Rod Laver Arena and the MCG.

My time for the first 10km was 48.29min and I felt pretty good. The second lap began well, I tested the legs at one point and they responded pretty well. By about 14km, though, I found they were tightening up a bit and I lost my zip. I was never really struggling, but as I was well on schedule I decided not to try to push the pace at all. The second 10km I covered in 49.17min and I crossed the line in 1:43.19hrs.

The distance was covered at 4.54min/km pace so a few seconds under target. No niggles or residual pain after the race, calves ok, only some minor chafing under my crutch from some new Skins tights that perhaps rode a little low.

Weekly total: 3 runs for 37.55 km in 3:05.54 hrs

And PS: Happy Birthday to me!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Much better!

Last night's second run for the week was much better. Phew!

The plan was a 9km run with 3km hard in the middle at 4.15min/km pace and easy bits on each side. Simple, really. I did the hard bit at 4.17min/km so essentially right on target. Felt strong, calves in good shape.

Total 9.25km in 45.23mins.

Rode for an hour and a half this morning, had a great time, looking forward to the Half Marathon tomorrow (actually just a 21km training run masquerading as a race!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1 of 48

Is it customary to write excuses at the start of a posting or at the end???? Ok, maybe at the end.

The Facts
What should have been a 3x1600m in ~ 6.35min set at the track this morning turned into 2x1600m in 6.47 and 7.09 then a sorry, tail between my legs, jog home. I could barely have had a worse beginning to my 'official' marathon training program. I had no zip, no nothing, just felt extremely flat and could not run at all.

The Excuse (at least I hope this is why I ran so poorly!)

On Monday I came down with a stomach complaint (an old undiagnosed recurring one that I've had for 20 years or so). It was so bad I had to be off work yesterday, did not feel good at all. This morning it felt ok (???) and I could not put off the run any longer so I went out anyway. And whilst it did not bother me specificlly during the run I suspect it contributed to the sub-standard effort.

I should be right in a day or two and hope the run on Friday is much better!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Will run for food

This morning, my last run before starting THE PROGRAM, I decided to do something a little bit different. With the endorsement of my tribe I ran from home down to the Ricketts Point Cafe (where they serve fantastic oats and pancakes!) and was met for breakfast.

Certainly the best post-run feast I have had all year and worth the 15+km to get there.

Covered the trip in just over 1:10hrs at 4.52min/km pace. Felt good, but not strong.

Weekly total: 3 runs for 27.17 km in 2:10.39 hrs

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Need for Speed

Tonight I needed to see if I still had any leg speed. It feels like forever since I ran at anything more than a plod and before I launch into the next big 16-week training block I wanted to feel quick again.

So, onthe same 6.3km course I have covered a lot recently I set out with no particular pace in mind, but just to go a bit quicker than I have.

I was pleased to work my pace up to 4.37min/km, only a second faster than my "old" tempo pace and now my designated marathon pace.

Say that again, this is my marathon pace. Hmm, I definitely have a ways to go before this feels comfortable enough to tackle for 42.2. I guess that is what the next 50 or so training sessions are about. We'll see.

Anyway, felt good tonight.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting used to these easy runs

Went for another easy run last night. Same course as for both runs last week. Covered the 6.3km in 30.40min.Conditions were rather good for a winter night. Not too cold, no wind, no rain. It was all rather enjoyable. Seems a shame to have to start flogging myself again from next week! Legs all good now.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Easy week

I know its my "off season" (aka three weeks rest after the half and before the marathon program) but I still feel bad that I missed my long run yesterday. I was enjoying my sleep too much to get out and go during my allotted time before family duties kicked in.

In any case, my legs (especially calves) feel absolutely great. No soreness whatsoever when I massage them, which has not been the case for a few months now, so really pleased with that!

Plan on three runs this week and final tweaking of the marathon program which I am really happy with. I will post it separately but it is 90% Furman with a twist of McMillan for good measure.

Roll on!

Friday, June 12, 2009

That's Better

Same run tonight as on Wednesday. Cold again, but no rain. Went a touch harder and felt much better for it. Maybe my technique is a little bit different when I run quicker hence my calves felt ok? In any case, they were much better than a couple of days ago.

Covered the 6.3km in 30.49mins and looking forward to a longer run on the weekend.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still sore, worrying me now.

Went for another run tonight. Had put it off for a day as the weather here in Melbourne has been shizen-housen recently. But could not defer any more so went out in the cold and rain tonight. Actually not that bad. Fun even?

Except for my calves.

Even though they feel great day-to-day, when I start to run they really give me a reminder that they are still recovering. Cruised just over 6km tonight at 5min/km pace, felt pretty easy aerobically, but gosh the calves hurt.

Not sure the best way to address this one. I guess stretching and massage would be good starters. Am getting increasingly nervous as my 16-week marathon program is only a week away now.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fat Ass Melbourne Marathon

Yesterday, for my long run, I took part in a section of a "Fat Ass" re-enactment of the old Melbourne Marathon course (Frankston to Melbourne). This had been put together through some folks off the Cool Running web site. I took the train down to Mordialloc to join the crew there.

What a hoot! The pace was very easy (which suited me) and we enjoyed chewing the fat whilst we covered the k's. Mrs Wombat was in charge of refuelling and did a wonderful job along the way (maybe I should have had some).

I ran with the guys all the way up to South Road (15km) before continuing up to home (21km). About half way up South Road I was really starting to fade from lack of energy and was glad to get back and have some big sandwiches for lunch (thanks Fiona!).

Total run time was 2:11.40hrs so the longest time on my feet for this whole campaign.

Weekly total: 2 runs for 26.38km in 2:39.43hrs

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ouch, still hurts!

Went for my first run since the half last night. An easy 5km at a very relaxed pace.

Gosh, my calves still hurt. They are not happy campers at all.

Wore my Skins socks to give the calves some relief last night and today. I think it has made a difference, they feel much better this evening.

Planning to run part of a "Fat Ass" Melbourne Marathon tomorrow. I'll do about 15-20km from Mordialloc. Hope the legs will feel good.

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