Saturday, August 28, 2010

City to Surf 2010

A friend of mine remarked today that my blog posts are now coming a long time after the events about which they are written. He is right. Maybe my fingers have been tired recently or something, I'm not sure. I certainly am amazed by folks who can write multiple posts every week for years. 

A few weeks ago was the City to Surf fun run in Sydney which I competed in for the 23rd straight year. But this was the first time I had travelled to the harbour city with my whole family in tow. So it was part holiday-part race (with the emphasis on the holiday bit).

My training in the lead up had not been strong but was ok. After the half marathon I knew I'd be good for the 65-70 minutes this race would take me and so I decided to take along my iPhone and shoot some video from "inside" the race.

Race morning dawned beautiful - as it seems to most years. Cool and crisp without a cloud in the sky. The race now starts at 8.30am (for many years it was 10am) so it means you'll be finished long before it gets anything like warm. Perfect running conditions.

I positioned myself near the front and was running within a few seconds of the gun, crossing the line shortly thereafter. The race itself was a lot of fun, a real cruise around the course. I felt relaxed and in control the whole way, even up the hills. Of course, stopping (for professional purposes only) probably helped somewhat and my time of a tick under 68mins reflects the comfortable pace.

After the race I joined my family for a trip to Manly on the ferry and a walk around the Sydney Opera House. Lots of fun!


  1. Loved it Paul! Must have been a fair bit behind you at the Golden Sheaf as they were on a different song. A good sense of the chaos at the start and speed down the hills. Lack of speed up the hills? Congrats on #23 - that's a great record.

  2. Seems like an excellent and fun race, and the video was cool. Glad to see a post up here.

  3. I can't believe you ran a race 23 years in a row. How awesome is that!
    I am one of those people who writes multiple posts (OK< one or 2) every week. It's fun for me and keeps me connected with likeminded people, like you for ex:)


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