Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Weird Stuff

A new blog entry, a new photo for my blog home page, and a new way to injure myself.

Not a whole lot of training going on around here recently. After a busy last weekend on family duties (that's my excuse) I found a new and improved injury to keep me off the training track. This one even has my physio confused, but consensus of conjecture is that I have pinched a nerve in my lower back which is giving me the pain in my right buttock. (Strange word, that ... buttock!)

Regardless, this pain is extraordinary ... and odd. I can sit ok, but anything else brings on excruciating pain. Can I stand up ... only for a few minutes. Can I sleep ... nope, not really. Can I walk ... I have an inkling of my old age as a 15 minute trip took me 40 minutes yesterday - had to stop several times to sit down. Which isn't to say sitting is pain free, just pain minimal. Everything else, game over. And this pain just laughs at all the drugs my wife has given me to consume. (Don't ask me what they were, I just put them in my mouth and swallow.)

So, thank goodness I don't have anything important on - like running a marathon - I think I would have gone mad if that were the case. But this is really annoying. And getting worse. Not happy :-(

Oh yes, and the new photo for my blog home page. I thought I needed something there seeing as you all have such amazing pics on yours. So I dug out a relic from 1999. This pic - taken by my wife - is of me (running) during the swim leg of a Half Ironman Triathlon in the Victorian town of Shepparton. And before you ask - no, I am not a deity. I cannot run on water (though I can talk under it some would say!). At this race we were swimming in a man-made swamp - I kid you not - near the normal swimming lake which was off-limits due to a blue-green algae infestation. As the course bent around to the right I found myself "beached" and had to get up and run for a few metres. Of course, that is when my wife shot the photo. Thanks dear!


  1. Wow, I can't believe the people around you are swimming in water that is up to your ankles. How is that possible? Love the pic, though,and the new blog. And what a "pain in the butt"? I hope it goes away soon! I had something similar when I was pregnant, no fun at all but it went away in a couple of weeks

  2. Its a great picture. I hope the pain in the butt goes away soon

  3. At least it's only one buttock. Sounds like a right pain in the a%$# ;) Hope you can get it unpinched and resume proper training soon.

    Great header photo - that's my kind of swim leg ;)

  4. Paul I'm loving the new look blog! I've been so bad with my blog catch ups, but I just went back and read about your marathon. Wow. You ran an incredible time. Well done!

    Thanks for your kind words on my 10km. Oh, the pain! I've discovered a new way to be sore today - even my neck isn't moving completely properly...!

    Have a great weekend (what's left of it!).

  5. Oooh, I love the pic! And I agree with Ana-Maria . . . how are those people swimming in that shallow of water?! Wow. Hope your new injury gets better soon!! It sounds awful!


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