Saturday, November 28, 2009

Proud Moments

It's been a big week for achievements in our household. The most minor of these was my effort on Thursday at the pool in swimming under 30-minutes for 1500m. I've been going there for a month now with my mate Mark as we train for the Pier to Pub in early January. Our times have been around 32-minutes up to now with a best of 31.45min last week. So imagine my surprise when we tipped in at 29.50min this week. Wow! Very happy with that one.

Stopping halfway for a quick picThe biggest achievement this week was from the littlest member of our family, Keira, who decided at the grand age of just over two years she would finally walk her first steps! It has been a very long journey with two worried parents trying their best to remain calm whilst every other kid crawled, walked and ran when ours just bum-shuffled her way around. But she must have been paying attention to how it is done cause when she finally did walk it was for a very long way, 20 or so steps, rather than the 2-3 you'd normally expect first up. Go figure!

Finally, it was the turn today of our biggest girl, Brooke, to chalk up a first as she competed (?) today in her very first fun run. It was the 2km junior event run as part of the Great Australian Run. Brooke was so proud as she did her warm ups at the start although her running is a little odd. She prefers the sprint then walk method ... with the occasional stop to say hello to the swans which grace the lake we ran beside. At the finish she outsprinted dad to take her first medal. A big morning, finished off with a play at the nearby adventure park and some yummy food from our favourite cafe. What more could a girl want?

And what more could a dad want?


  1. I am so impressed with your swimming! Wow! That's a fantastic time! You have no right to complain about not being a good swimmer. You should see ME swim! Even with over 2 months of swimming crawl I still can't do more than 400m without stopping or changing the stroke to breast! Your daughters are unique, I like that! Love the run/walk method - has she been "reading" Galloway!

  2. Hi Paul - just catching up - I'm a new reader of your blog. Go Keira and Brooke! Sounds like Keira is a fast improver. Brooke's sprint/walk method is just her take on interval training ;)

    Nice going with the Melbourne Marathon by the way!

  3. what an awesome week for you and your family...the first few steps and the first medal! soon, they will be outrunning you with no problems, and you'll have to worry about them chasing other boys.


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