Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bits 'n' Pieces

Good Reading
Saw an interesting article today on
Getting Past the Wall on Race Day by Gale Bernhardt.
This site actually has lots of great info ... but then, you probably already knew that.

Blog Probs
Also, thanks (and apologies) to those who have pointed out that Blogger's wonderful security word feature for posting replies has been troublesome! I have removed it (it was on by default) so you should be able to post a reply now ... I hope.

Had a fun diversion from training yesterday as we celebrated my eldest daughter Brooke's fifth birthday with a party at our local traffic school. It starts with the instructor giving the assembled throng of kids a walkthrough of the course whilst explaining the road rules. It ends with the same mass of kids riding in every direction on both sides of the road in something resembling a highway on the sub-continent. Amazingly, no crashes and no road rage.

Tonight we went out to celebrate both my wife and Brooke's birthday (Brooke is the day after mum) at an Indian restaurant. It was Brooke's choice so we could indulge in her favourite "orange chicken."

As you can see from the pic here, little Keira enjoyed it immensely!

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  1. Paul, Thanks for removing the troublesmone security word. I hope this response gets through.
    Well done with your recent long run. I think you are right to relax the Furman paces for the intervals but stick with the targets for the long runs. As discussed in a response to MB on my blog entitled 'Furman revisited' posted a few months ago, the Furman interval times are somewhat faster than Daniels' recommendations for interval training based on estimated VO2max (VDOT) calculated from 5K race time (or target marathon time). I think that Daniels' recommendations are more sensible.


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