Wednesday, August 26, 2009

At Last ... Improvement!

It has taken until week ten of this program for me to replicate or improve upon any of my track session times from the half marathon program earlier this year. But tonight I finally did it! It feels so good to see some times that are faster than I have ever gone.

Tonight's set was 3x (2x 1200m) with 2min rest between intervals and 4min rest between each of the three sets. I last ran this set on 8 April (another Wednesday night) with times generally around 4.56min for each rep.

Tonight I did the now customary "first rep steady, not too fast, don't blow up before you've even started" routine. This seems to be working. Perhaps more accurately, now that I have ditched the Furman target times which were sooo fast for me that I was exploding after the first rep, I am better able to pace my efforts.

This time the reps were completed in: 4.56/4.52 - 4.53/4.52 - 4.53/4.46

What I am looking for is a comfortable first rep, even in the middle, and fastest last rep if possible. Realistically, tonight's times tell me I could probably have pushed to around 4.50min for each of the reps.

But who cares!!!! This is fast for me, faster than last time, right in the McMillan time ranges (4.44-4.59) and felt great.



  1. Yay! Congrats on the super speediness! I had the same exact issue with the Furman target paces, and also switched to using McMillan for my interval target paces. I just think it's SO helpful to have a range to shoot for . . . makes me feel like less of a failure on the days when I'm not feeling as speedy!

    Keep up the great work, and you'll just keep on getting speedier! :)

  2. sweet job. I did this workout last night and had some decent success (except for the second 1200m, which was a huge fail), I like the shorter reps better!


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