Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fighting the Sloth Within

It is 34-days since the marathon. In that time I have run a grand total of three times for a sum of 15-kilometres. Hmmm. Not much, eh? In so many ways it is like the whole thing never happened. Or at least happened so long ago to be just another distant memory in my sporting annals. How does that happen? For eight months it was hard not to run; it was what I did, it was my routine. Now it seems hard to do; I have no routine.

Not that I've been completely lazy. I've been swimming a few times (not with the jellyfish and stingrays at our beaches here) and have entered the Pier to Pub swim I mentioned in my last post. Crikey, I've even got my first triathlon for the summer next weekend. So I have a lot to prepare for. Just not the dedicated motivation to do so in a structured way.

And I still dream of the Boston Marathon. I've even ordered some books from Amazon about the race. I am not sure if it is because I really want to do the race or if it is just because it is the first major race I have ever qualified for on my own athletic merit! In any case, my qualification (as far as I can read) will also cover me for the 2011 race, so I have some leeway there.

Must go now ... my two-year old Keira has just woken from her slumber and the song-like sound of "dadda ... dadda ..." is coming from her room. I wonder what she thinks about in her spare time .....


  1. It's hard to keep up the training without an upcoming race on the horizon. If you want to do Boston, register quickly bc I hear registration will close in one week. But, you are already doing a marathon in May? Good luck wiht the tri stuff. I am planning on a 1/2 iron in August and am working hard on my swimming. Brr!

  2. I agree with Ana-Maria . . . it is VERY difficult to find motivation to run without a race looming. Ha, this is apparently why I feel the need to stack my races back-to-back, leaving little wiggle room in between!

    I often wonder about what kids think about too. Love the photo--ADORABLE!! :)

  3. ahhh, Keira is so cute!

    and yes, you can run Boston 2011! can't wait to read about the pier to pub.


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