Friday, October 30, 2009

A New Blog ... PB Down Under

With the completion of my 2009 Marathon Campaign it is time for a new blog - and one whose name will endure beyond a single event. So here it is: "PB Down Under" - a blog about my otherwise ordinary athletic endeavours.

Thanks to my friends in the blogosphere who made suggestions for the new name. You each gave me some ideas which helped with my choice. A special commendation to Spike with his proposal "Disco Underlord of Running" - you've no idea how close I came to using that one!

A Run and a Swim
Had my first good run after the marathon on Tuesday. A little bit warm and I didn't have great rhythm, but banged out 5km over the loop around home in 22.22mins. Happy with that time. My left calf is still not 100% but is mostly ok.

And on Thursday morning I went for my first early-morning, and longest, swim in five years. Not that it was any epic effort or anything, just a steady 1.5km but my swimming is basically non-existent these days so good to at least get something on the board. Covered the journey in a (slowing) 32.03mins. Ok for a first effort.

Went to the pool with my neighbour who has convinced me to enter the Pier to Pub Ocean Swim here next January. It's a 1.2km swim from the Lorne pier to the Life Saving Club (originally it finished at the pub hence the name). It's a classic swim now in its 30th year. I've done it about six or seven times, the last one in 2004.

Lots more work to do before then!


  1. a swim that ends at a pub sounds much safer than a pub visit that ends with a 1.2K swim.

    I like the new name, even if my suggestion lost.

  2. Love the name! Sounds like you are way better at swimming than I am, and I am in the pool 3 days/week. Hm, this is why my 4 y old is taking swimming lessons. Good luck

  3. Oh my gosh, can you please teach me to swim? Ha, I am just pathetic at it! I can't even imagine swimming 1.2K! But I love that the event finishes at a pub . . . that's my kind of event! :)

  4. I'd swim to a pub! Might be only way I'd make it...


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