Friday, July 10, 2009

First Signs

Tonight I had the first signs of something that worried me. Ok, maybe not the first signs, but definitely the first time I have paid any attention to them. Strangely enough, I had only visited Rob O'Donnell (my physio) on Thursday night at which time I did not really get any of these things tended to. They just didn't seem so important.

My lower back on the right side has felt for about a week as though it is out of alignment, but it has now started to give me real pain through the lower back and gluteal. It is such that even when walking my gait is not normal. Of course, when running it has a bigger effect.

On the run tonight it was giving me a bit of grief. This was the same run I did last week (1.5k w/up, 8k main set at tempo pace and 1.5k c/down) only this time the tempo pace was 4.31m/k (vs 4.38 last week). I never really felt comfortable at all on this run. Could not get into a rhythm, back felt bad and generally a crappy run.

Did the main set in 36.33min (4.34m/k) so not far off target but not a comfortable run and the pace for these tempo sets is only getting quicker in later weeks. I am starting to wonder if these target paces are not just a bit too much for me?

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