Friday, July 3, 2009

Running while sick

I think it is ok to run while I feel like I do. What do they say: if you have a cold with symptoms above the neck it is ok to run, but if symptoms are below the neck just rest. But what if you have a sore throat (?) ... isn't that in the middle of your neck? Aargh, I am confused, but my reckoning is if I am well enough to go to work then I am well enough to run. So run I did.

Today was an 11km run consisting of 8km at marathon pace (4.38 - still getting used to that concept!) with a 1.5km warm-up and cool-down. I covered the 8km in 6sec under target pace so bang-on once again. It felt a little harder than it did a month ago (no surprise I guess given how I feel) and my quads are a little sore tonight, but nothing major.

Am looking forward to the 24km run on Sunday and bike ride tomorrow morning.

I am also keeping a video diary for this marathon campaign and have uploaded my entry for tonight to YouTube. Not sure if I'll keep doing that, but for now ...

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