Thursday, October 8, 2009


Not the preferred title for a blog post three days before the marathon but one which actually pleases me as it means that I at least have a fighting chance of getting to the start line feeling ok.

After spending this week getting progressively worse I finally managed to see a doctor today. And the marathon gods smiled on me a little as this doc was himself a marathoner and knew what I was going through, what I am going to go through (!) and what I needed.

So I am on the drugs now and am happy about that. A day of rest at home tomorrow (I have a very understanding boss too); easy Saturday - then the big race.

This morning I went out for a 5km run which I did in 23.40min (4.44m/k). I felt very ragged, far from smooth and with no rhythm at all. Not the best final run I could have but not really of much concern as I just wanted to roll my legs over.

Now to Sunday!


  1. Good luck! Hope the AB will do the trick!

  2. You have trained brilliantly. You are right that a final ragged training run is on no significance; the runs that count are the consistent runs over the past three to four months. It is good that you saw a doctor who knows about marathon running; you should be able to follow his advice with confidence. Good luck on Sunday.


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