Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First run back, next event and the hazards of running ...

First run back today after the marathon. Was looking forward to this as my legs have felt really good the last few days. Then I started running (easily) and realised that I still have some recovery to go. Covered 5km at a gentle pace but my baby cows are now very unhappy! Will continue to take it easy for another week or so.

I have decided that my next big running event will be the Great Ocean Road Marathon next May. This 45km event runs from Lorne to Apollo Bay along one of the most spectacular coastlines anywhere in the world. At this stage I don't plan to run it hard, just coast along and enjoy the scenery.

Finally, saw these two articles recently about strange things that happen in marathons. The first was in the Des Moines Marathon where a train (!) stopped the leading runners 400 metres from the finish of the race. Bizarre! Would never happen here, of course, because our trains are so hopeless they wouldn't likely be running in the first place!

The second one was the sad passing of three runners in the Detroit Marathon and Half Marathon. Crikey, how often do you hear of even one runner dying in a race, let alone three. That race director must have really annoyed some black cats or something.

Finally, I need a new name for my blog. "2009 Marathon Diary" is so passe now. Any ideas?


  1. So, you are not doing Boston this April?
    I am itching to run, but I am still sore so will swim and bike for a few more days. Yes, you need a new name. How about "The diary of my marathons". Or "Australian marathoner". Not v clever, I know:)

  2. oh, the GORM sounds fun; so take care of those baby cows, I know how demanding they can be.

    as for a new about "Disco Underlord of Running."'s a start.

  3. So, no Boston then? Sadness. But the Great Ocean Road Marathon DOES sound incredible! As for a new blog name . . . "PB Down Under"? or "Melbourne Marathon Man"? Okay, I am officially NOT good at this game. So I think I give up :)

  4. I have just re-read your description of the marathon and your follow-up notes. It was a truly great effort. I am not surprised you still have sore calf muscles.

    I had followed you progress with the Furman program with great interest. You have confirmed that it works, but also that it is no stroll in the park. I would be really interested in a little more detail of your own thoughts about the Furman program at this stage. I would also be interested to know more about the cross training that you did during the program. My own continuing concern with Furman is that three demanding sessions a week places slightly too much emphasis on developing aerobic capacity at the expense of endurance.

    The name of a blog is a personal choice Рbut if I were contemplating the Great Ocean Road marathon I would perhaps go for something like Ocean Road Runner. Maybe that has a certain timelessness and would not be pass̩ even after the event.


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