Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting Faster

Changed my long run to Saturday this week (so I could ride on Sunday morning). The plan was to run 20km at 4.57 min/km pace. The loop I did took me from home down to Southland, Sandringham beach along to Brighton then back up through to Bentleigh and home.

I enjoyed this loop course as you never cover the same ground twice, plus it is gently undulating so you get to mix up the effort a little.

My splits were: 5km 23.28, 10km 47.49 (24.21), 14.63km 1:10.21 (22.32), 19.66km 1:35.10 (24.49). Very pleased with those times, after a faster first 5k then settled in to a pace that was basically maintained the whole way through to the finish.

This would equate to around 1:42 hr half marathon pace and I know in the race I can go much quicker so I am sure a 1:38 or faster is possible.

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