Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not this week, please .....

I must say I find it hard to believe that I would choose this week to get a cold. I am on all the tablets, water, vegetables and other stuff I can think of to make it go away. So far it has not got any worse in two days so I suppose that is something.

And to make things worse my back has gone out. I think I've pinched something about half way down which causes a pain on my right side. Not too bad when I run but mighty unpleasant almost all the time.


In between all that I went for my last track session tonight. Relatively easy with 6x 400m in 1.34 with 400m RI. Did the repeats in 1.39 (must have been asleep)/1.29/1.30/1.31/1.30/1.26. Pretty happy with that. Didn't feel too stressful.

Only an easy 5km on Thursday, rest and get rid of these ailments before Sunday.

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