Friday, May 8, 2009

Repeat session ... woo hoo!

Tonight's tempo session was a repeat of the very first session I did when I started this program so I was keen to see how it compared. Thankfully, as you'd hope, I fared much better this time around.

The session was 2x (1.5km easy, 3.5km tempo) with 1km cool-down.

Whereas in late March I did not make the target times for the harder reps, this time around I was under target pace (16.13min) both times with 16.02min and 15.59min. Felt strong and in control for both of these, no problems at all.

Which has really got me to wondering just what pace I should be setting for the Half Marathon in a few weeks time. As each week passes I feel more and more confident that I can run not just sub-1;40 for the half, but well below 1:40.

I think I may end up running to heart rate and just see what that brings me.

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog PB. It's meant I've now found out about your blog. Very enjoyable. Looks like we have some similar goals. I'll follow your training with interest in the lead up to Melbourne Marathon.


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