Friday, May 22, 2009

Massage and 5km

Had a massage yesterday, first one in ages. It hurt! I knew it would. I think it hurts even more today. I knew that would too. Wore my Skins socks to try to help the recovery too.

My right heel is still sore (plantar fasciitis?) so I will need to do some active work on that else I am not sure that it will hold up over the next few months of hard training.

Today's session was 3.5km warm-up then 5km@4.29min/km and 1.5km cool-down. I decided to do this session down at the track as I'd be better able to monitor and control my pace.

In short it felt pretty good. I ran 22.05min with splits of 4.18/4.29/4.28/4.28/4.22. At no stage did it feel super hard, just controlled. Definitely not easy, but I felt like I had more in me if I needed. This is my fastest 5km in a long while so I am happy with that too.

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