Sunday, May 10, 2009

Run for Mum

My Sunday run this week was squeezed in between all the obligatory (and enjoyable) Mother's Day activities. In fact, "mum" (my wife Fiona) and our two girls were part of the run as they walked and rode by the beach while I ran up and down before meeting them at the park.

The course was one I had run before, from Sandringham to Point Ormond and back except this time I started in the middle (!) at North Road.

I covered the 16km in 1:18.22hrs which is spot on my training pace for this distance which I have run three times now, all in 1:18 and change. So pretty pleased about that.

Ran a strong last km in the fading light, but my legs felt a bit wobbly for the last few km and at times I thought they would give way. I think I need to have done a couple more long runs in this preparation but have covered >20km only once up till now.

Weekly total: 3 runs for 37.00km in 3:05.54hrs.

Distance Summary [red] and Future Plan [blue]

The above chart shows my weekly progress since starting this odyssey. The last six weeks or so since I started the Furman program have all been in the 30-40km range which contrasts to the marathon program where they are 50-60km weeks. Something to look forward to!

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