Sunday, March 1, 2009

Week 3 Redux (23 Feb-1 Mar)

Three runs this week so increasing the frequency for the first time.

The first of these was the Super Sunset Series at Princes Park on Wednesday night. Had to buy some new shorts as I forgot mine at home. Ran the 8.14km in 37.00mins so a good overall time but paced the race all wrong. Tried to run steady for the first lap but got carried away and went too hard. Was struggling by 3km and just had to make do from there to the end. Did the laps in 18.16 and 18.44.

Course Map

The second run was an easy 5km on the loop near home in 25.47min on Friday night.

Finished off the week with another three laps of the Tan Track on Sunday with Kim. We covered the 11.54km in 1:05.30hrs with laps in 22.20/21.53/21.17. Felt good!

Week 3 total: 3 runs for 24.68 km in 2:08.17 hrs.
February total: 6 runs for 42.75 km in 3:37.57 hrs.
March total: 1 run for 11.54 km in 1:05.30 hrs.
Campaign total: 7 runs for 54.29 km in 4:43.27 hrs.

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