Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week 6 Redux (16-22 Mar)

Six weeks already!

The runs this week were all easy, though Thursday was meant to be a tempo run but I read the program wrong! My calves have continued to be really sore since the races last week, only coming good on Saturday.

They are a little sore again after the long run today. Must do some more stretching.

My motivation remains high and if I can manage the soreness a little better then I'll be able to ramp up the distance over the next month.

Runs this week were the North Road loop of 6.3km twice, on Tuesday in 35.00 mins and Thursday in 34.03 mins. Both of these were run easy. Today was the long run.

Week 6 total: 2 runs for 24.14 km in 2:14.55 hrs.
March total: 12 runs for 94.95 km in 8:21.41 hrs.
Campaign total: 18 runs for 137.70 km in 11:59.38 hrs.

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