Sunday, March 8, 2009

Week 4 Redux (2-8 Mar)

Spent this week in Queensland so running was my only exercise and escape! But gosh it was warm and humid. Found the humidity hardest to deal with.

Did five runs for the week so that was fantastic. Have not run that often in a week for very long time if ever. Only short runs, but runs nonetheless.

The route I did most often was on the paths around the place where we were staying at Ashmore Palms. This loop, 5.63km in length, was basically a big square, with almost nothing flat! It was mostly up and down and was not easy.

Ashmore Palms Loop map

I ran this first up on Tuesday in 29.30min but had to walk a little due to the humidity and hills which just wore me down. Felt pretty hard that run.

Ran it on Friday and Saturday in 28.37mins and 27.56mins respectively. Much better those times as I got used to the course and conditions.

My long run on Sunday was this same course but with two laps of the block, totalling 10.02km in 55.53mins. I ran this with the HR monitor on and ran very steadily at a HRAv of 145.

On Wednesday I ran along the shore from Main Beach where Fiona and the kids were playing at a park down through to the end of Surfers Paradise. This was 8.22km which I covered in 44.10mins (20.21/23.49). The return leg was very hard and I had to walk often.

Had a laugh though when I bumped into my "mates" Mark 'Jacko' Jackson and his would-be political sidekick Warrick Capper and they said g'day!

Beach Run map

Week 4 total: 5 runs for 35.13 km in 3:06.06 hrs.
March total: 6 runs for 46.67 km in 4:11.36 hrs.
Campaign total: 12 runs for 89.42 km in 7:49.33 hrs.

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