Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week 5 Redux (9-15 Mar)

Another three runs this week. Took it easy with no run on Monday or Tuesday as I had a race on Wednesday night and my legs were a little sore from the running in week 4.

Arrived home on Wednesday afternoon then rode into town for the Super Sunset Series finale at the Tan Track. This race was two laps with an extra hike around near the music bowl to bring it to around 4km per lap.

There was a brief thunderstorm just after the start so conditions were a little humid. I covered the 8.14km in 39.30mins with laps in 18.14mins and 21.16mins (the second lap incl. a 2.20min toilet stop!) Even so, I had went out too hard again so did not run as fast as I could have.

My calves were really sore after this race and so my Friday run of 6km to home from the New Balance shop in Highett was at an easy pace.

The third run for the week was another race, this one the Sri Chinmoy event at the Yarra Boulevard. This is a flat, fast course with laps of 5km. I did the 10km event and was determined to run a conservative first half and bring it home strong. I wore the HR monitor to try to help with this.

My target time was under 45mins so I was thrilled with a 44.58min. My laps were in 22.49mins (run steadily at HRAv 156) and a strong second lap in 22.09mins (HRAv 166) including a 4.10min last km. This is my fastest 10km time for many years!

Week 5 total: 3 runs for 24.14 km in 1:55.10 hrs.
March total: 9 runs for 70.81 km in 6:06.46 hrs.
Campaign total: 15 runs for 113.56 km in 9:44.43 hrs.

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