Thursday, June 18, 2009

Need for Speed

Tonight I needed to see if I still had any leg speed. It feels like forever since I ran at anything more than a plod and before I launch into the next big 16-week training block I wanted to feel quick again.

So, onthe same 6.3km course I have covered a lot recently I set out with no particular pace in mind, but just to go a bit quicker than I have.

I was pleased to work my pace up to 4.37min/km, only a second faster than my "old" tempo pace and now my designated marathon pace.

Say that again, this is my marathon pace. Hmm, I definitely have a ways to go before this feels comfortable enough to tackle for 42.2. I guess that is what the next 50 or so training sessions are about. We'll see.

Anyway, felt good tonight.

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