Monday, June 8, 2009

Fat Ass Melbourne Marathon

Yesterday, for my long run, I took part in a section of a "Fat Ass" re-enactment of the old Melbourne Marathon course (Frankston to Melbourne). This had been put together through some folks off the Cool Running web site. I took the train down to Mordialloc to join the crew there.

What a hoot! The pace was very easy (which suited me) and we enjoyed chewing the fat whilst we covered the k's. Mrs Wombat was in charge of refuelling and did a wonderful job along the way (maybe I should have had some).

I ran with the guys all the way up to South Road (15km) before continuing up to home (21km). About half way up South Road I was really starting to fade from lack of energy and was glad to get back and have some big sandwiches for lunch (thanks Fiona!).

Total run time was 2:11.40hrs so the longest time on my feet for this whole campaign.

Weekly total: 2 runs for 26.38km in 2:39.43hrs

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