Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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Is it customary to write excuses at the start of a posting or at the end???? Ok, maybe at the end.

The Facts
What should have been a 3x1600m in ~ 6.35min set at the track this morning turned into 2x1600m in 6.47 and 7.09 then a sorry, tail between my legs, jog home. I could barely have had a worse beginning to my 'official' marathon training program. I had no zip, no nothing, just felt extremely flat and could not run at all.

The Excuse (at least I hope this is why I ran so poorly!)

On Monday I came down with a stomach complaint (an old undiagnosed recurring one that I've had for 20 years or so). It was so bad I had to be off work yesterday, did not feel good at all. This morning it felt ok (???) and I could not put off the run any longer so I went out anyway. And whilst it did not bother me specificlly during the run I suspect it contributed to the sub-standard effort.

I should be right in a day or two and hope the run on Friday is much better!

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