Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ouch, still hurts!

Went for my first run since the half last night. An easy 5km at a very relaxed pace.

Gosh, my calves still hurt. They are not happy campers at all.

Wore my Skins socks to give the calves some relief last night and today. I think it has made a difference, they feel much better this evening.

Planning to run part of a "Fat Ass" Melbourne Marathon tomorrow. I'll do about 15-20km from Mordialloc. Hope the legs will feel good.

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  1. Paul,
    I hope those sore muscles soon recover, and look forward to hearing how the Furman marathon program goes. I have mentioned your great experience with the Furman half marathon training program on my own blog and hope I have not mis-represented you.
    Best wishes


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