Friday, June 12, 2009

That's Better

Same run tonight as on Wednesday. Cold again, but no rain. Went a touch harder and felt much better for it. Maybe my technique is a little bit different when I run quicker hence my calves felt ok? In any case, they were much better than a couple of days ago.

Covered the 6.3km in 30.49mins and looking forward to a longer run on the weekend.


  1. It appears that you really hammered those legs in the half marathon - that is a good thing as it means you gave it all you had to give - but also indicates that your time is a realistic estimate of your best half marathon at present. It is reasonable to set your marathon target time on the basis of your half, but be aware that your leg muscles will require even more conditioning for the longer distance than for the HM.

    If you choose to follow Furman, I will follow your progress with great interest. If you find after a few weeks that the long runs are taking too much out of you, it might be worth considering a program that has somewhat higher volume at a slightly lower intensity. However I shouldn't be a Jeremiah at this stage because 6.3Km in 30,49 is a respectable run.

    Incidentally, have you adjusted you running style in recent times?

  2. Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, I am not sure I could have gone much faster at the half. Re running style, I have not deliberately changed anything (foot strike, stride length, arm carriage) but it is possible. As you'd know, sometimes something very small can make a big difference!

    I am absolutely intending to follow Furman. Will post the precise program this week as the 16-weeks starts from 22-June.

    Cheers, Paul


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