Sunday, June 28, 2009

Run Melbourne Half Marathon

Today was the first long run of the campaign and after a mixed week I was looking forward to just getting out and going for a good hit out. The target pace was 4.57min/km so I was not expecting that to be particularly problematic, being some 10 minutes slower than my race a month ago.

Conditions today were very cold (5 deg.C), certainly more than I would have liked, especially as I rode for 40 odd minutes to get to the start.

I took the pace very sedately and just tried to enjoy the atmosphere of an event that takes in two laps around some of Melbourne's major landmarks: Federation Square, Botanic Gardens/Shrine, Rod Laver Arena and the MCG.

My time for the first 10km was 48.29min and I felt pretty good. The second lap began well, I tested the legs at one point and they responded pretty well. By about 14km, though, I found they were tightening up a bit and I lost my zip. I was never really struggling, but as I was well on schedule I decided not to try to push the pace at all. The second 10km I covered in 49.17min and I crossed the line in 1:43.19hrs.

The distance was covered at 4.54min/km pace so a few seconds under target. No niggles or residual pain after the race, calves ok, only some minor chafing under my crutch from some new Skins tights that perhaps rode a little low.

Weekly total: 3 runs for 37.55 km in 3:05.54 hrs

And PS: Happy Birthday to me!

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