Sunday, April 26, 2009

A cold and windy day

It was mostly the weather that made me disinclined to look forward to this run. My last 16km had been along the beach from Sandy to Elwood and back on a lovely Autumn day. I had hoped to repeat this course but with temperature at 11 deg. C. and wind at 50kph I decided against the run along the beach.

Instead ran two laps of the 8km course by home. Luckily it did not rain on me but it was decidedly unpleasant. Covered the distance in 1:18.24 with laps of 38.43 and 39.41. Felt ok, but cold.

I wonder how I'll go next week at Puffing Billy. Hopefully the conditions will be a little better!

Weekly total: 3 runs for 35.80km in 3:04.03hrs.

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