Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miles at the track

Some days a session just looks easy. Today was one of those. A simple set of 3x 1600m repeats in 6.39 with a 400m RI in between. Thankfully conditions were back to ‘normal’ this week (after last weeks torrential rain and wind) and so I was confident of a good outcome here.

I completed the three intervals in 6.36, 6.36 and 6.37 so all slightly under schedule and a very small spread of times. (How do people run sub-4 min/miles???) This is just about perfect! Total session of 9.8km in 51.44min.

My calves are still sore or maybe tired is a better description and my right heel also remains sore although once I warmed up it did not bother me. After the session my right hamstring also felt a little tight so I’ll need to do some stretching tonight.

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