Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A man, a track, cold rain and a dog

Decided to head down to the track last night (Tuesday) instead of this morning for the set of 10x 400's. Looked as though it might be a bit warmer, which it possibly was, but when it rained on me for the last few reps it definitely wasn't any fun.

The plan called for 10x 400m in 1.34 with 400m float in between. I completed these in 1.31/31/32/32/31/32/28/32/30/28. The first six all within a 1-sec spread then the dog came to visit (the first 1.28 lap) and then the rain came!

My right hammy was a little sore towards the last few laps so concentrated on maintaining a high leg-turnover with shorter strides.

It remains hard to get excited about running in the cold dark rain around a track by yourself at night ... but I am excited to see what results I can achieve by doing so!

Will complete my second run for the week on Thursday giving me an extra day to recover before the Puffing Billy Train Race on Sunday.

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