Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's f..f..f..f..freezing!

The newspaper headline says it all: "Melbourne records coldest April morning for 56 years." When I left the house it was 2.5 deg.C. and by the time I finished it had reached a (balmy) 3 deg.C!

No wonder I found it almost impossible to get going this morning. The legs had no zip at all, I could not get my breathing pattern steady. I was all over the shop! This was as bad as I have felt on a run in a while.

Did the 8km loop near home with a target time of 37.04min. On previous efforts I have run comfortably to 30 sec. faster than this time. Today I did 37.06min so arguably the best result (ie, closest to target) but felt miserable. Glad to finish and glad to finish in this time when I felt so awful.

I hope it is a bit warmer on Sunday. I have 72-hours clear to prepare for the race.

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