Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I don't really like running around in the dark. But I suspect I am going to do rather a lot of it over the next six months. There's not much going on down at the Moorabbin Aths Track at night, save for a single light that illuminates a glorious section of 30m on the home straight, the sound of dogs barking at the obedience school on the (well lit) footy oval next door and the thud of fist on punching bag at the hall over the road.

The first session this week was back there for some 1200m repeats. Three sets of 2x 1200m on a target pace of 4.53min with 2min RI between intervals and 4min RI between sets.

I was still tired from the race on Sunday and so had deferred the session for a day to get some extra recovery but I still found this one pretty hard. I don't think that running in darkness not being able to see my watch helped the morale either.

I completed the session (Woo! Hoo!) in rep times of: 5.00/4.54-4.56/4.56-4.57/4.58. So a little slower than target but reasonably consistent.

Happy to get home, showered and fed after this one!

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