Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday, 10 April 2009

Hmm, not sure how I managed to complete this session as I did. Something is definitely changing. Not sure if it's between my ears or down in my legs???

Today's session called for 10km at mid-tempo pace (4.38min/km). The course I chose was down South Rd, anything but flat, with a rolling downhill for the outbound leg and generally uphill on the return.

I have only run about 5min/km on this course so was not sure how I'd go. Decided to take it easy for the first km then run steady to 5km, trying to 'bank' a few seconds for the way back which would definitely be harder. No real chance of a negative split here.

Felt like I was running too hard on the way out, but just in control, and made 5km in 22.40 (30 seconds under target pace) so knew I could run about 12 sec/km slower on the return to be on target.

Somehow, remarkably, I ran 23.02 for the return (8 sec under target) so overall was 38 seconds under time on a very hard course. Was absolutely stoked (and stuffed)!

Am looking forward to a more gentle paced run on Sunday.

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