Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Run for the Kids

Substituted the Run for the Kids 14.1km race today for the planned 21km training run. And glad I did too. Whilst I am not following the half marathon plan religiously at the moment I am going to throw in a couple of races in lieu of training.

Today's plan was to run the first 10km nice and steady and hard for the last 4km. And run to plan I did, with the first 10km which includes the tunnel and Bolte Bridge being covered at a HR of 157bpm (45.40min) and the final 4km at 168bpm.

My 'gun time' was 66.38min (adjusted to 64.55min allowing for getting to the start line). Conditions were reasonably cool, ideal for running. I am pretty stoked with this run and time. Felt so good the whole way through!

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